Attorneys With Fixed-Fee Services

"What the heck is this bill?  I got charged for a 10-minute phone call!"  How much is it going to cost for _________?  Every one of our prospective clients has asked us about costs in one form or another.  Of course we can bill hourly, but we have found that our clients appreciate knowing the EXACT amount it will cost them to retain our services.  We do this by offering fixed-fee, or flat fee, services.  Our fixed-fee covers the entire scope of the representation.  Generally the fixed-fee works out quite well for our clients, who don't have to worry about a case dragging on as legal bills pile up. 

After asking about the cost and scope of representation, clients usually follow up by asking, "Do I have to pay the full amount today?" We understand that not everyone can afford to pay everything up front, and as a result, we offer flexible payment plans.  Finally, if you are an active service member or a veteran who received an honorable discharge, we would like to thank you for your service by offering our services at a generous 1/3 discount.  Please see the following list for the base prices of some of the services we offer.  This list is not at all exhaustive of all the services we offer (for example, litigation), so we recommend calling for a consultation and case evaluation. 

Important: Not all cases are alike.  As such, depending on the complexity of the case and circumstances, our firm and its attorneys have the discretion to charge a higher or lower fee than the fees listed below.  These fees are subject to change without notice. By publishing these fees, we wanted to give you a general estimate of what some of our specific services usually cost.  Unless otherwise indicated, the fees below do not include the filing fees, court costs, or the costs of an appeal.  However, we will explain to you what those costs, if any, will be for your case.

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